Best Linux Distros 2022…

We need someone to do it… Ok many have done it… But here’s my list of the best ones



I’ve used linux for over 7 years now, and I have to say, it never stays the same. There is always a distro getting better than the best one. This we have seen soo many changes in the open source community, that it takes up another article itself, gnome redesigned layout, kde’s uniqueness, and all the distro versions released are just getting better with time and I think I’ve said too much, here’s the list.

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Personally, it has to be the best one for me. Although I do hate some parts of it, I just love the interface(I mean… The fact that there’s nothing customized and is completely vanilla), the simplicity, and is just doing the job well. What else do you want? Also, I like the name and theme color…… Yeah that’s dumb of me, but imagine saying that I use Fedora btw, in front of Windows noobs. Yeah…

Apart from that the only thing I don’t like is that you have to install another repo in order to install any non free software. Although the non free repo is officially supported by Fedora, it’s just one unnecessary step which I don’t like. Apart from that, it’s bleeding edge, support latest software which is great for me, and it’s also point release, which means it has “versions” and does not just give updates like what Windows said they’d do for Windows 10.


Of course… This is the most popular Linux Distro… EVER. If you ask which linux distro are you using to random person on a street, they’re either gonna answer “What’s that?” or “Ubuntu”. This linux distro’s peak was when 96% of all Linux users used Ubuntu(around 2015–19). Even today, about 70 to 80 percent people use Ubuntu.

The reason why I love is because it just does the job like Fedora, but gives you a more “Beginner friendly experience” while Fedora is a bit more advanced… Also because this was my first Linux distro… Kind off… Long story.


Probably the best Arch based distro, Manjaro comes with 3 different looks or DEs… XFCE, GNOME and KDE. All the three desktop environments are amazing and serve different tastes of looks. While I love and GNOME and that is my type, I think for Manjaro, it’s the best when it’s XFCE, since it’s heavily customized, yet not over customized to eat you off. It’s in the middle and I love it for that. It’s Ubuntu, but based on Arch and made to look better with the green accent color of Manjaro.

The only reason I don’t use it, is because it’s rolling release, and I’m a point release kind of a guy and want some change every now and then…… Ok… I actually would use it if given, but it’s basically a tie between this and Fedora, so I’d just go with whatever I guess. They both do the job well, but choose a different path.

Endeavor OS

This is a Linux distro which is wants to keep everything pure, and clean. It does come with a couple of apps like a welcome app, and so on, but other than that it basically let’s you install Arch in it’s purest form in an easy way. For those of you who don’t know what Arch is, it’s known to be difficult to setup and install as it comes with pure CUI from which you need to navigate and install in the console.

Pop OS

This distro let’s you use Linux in it’s most customized way. It use GNOME as it’s desktop environment, forked it up and created it’s own desktop environment which they call “Cosmic Desktop”, although this is the very beginning. The developers have openly stated that they are developing their own DE, because they had some disagreements with GNOME and their philosophy of UI in the backstage. The new release of pure cosmic desktop is gonna be released, and I’m most excited to have a look at it and make an article on it.

Elementary OS

This distro openly states that the developers of this focuses on being purely similar to Mac OS. But… It still makes a lot of changes to the themes and icons and make it look unique. The distro layout resembles a Mac, but is not exactly it. In Elementary OS, we get some features like overview, windows snap, workspace switch and so on, while we don’t get dynamic wallpapers, effecient macos like topbar, macos like dock, minimize and preview in the dock option(I don’t know what you call it) and so on…

Zorin OS

This Linux distro is made for everyone who wants everything out of the box, although it has a reputation of being the distro for Windows users and beginners in general. It’s everything like Ubuntu, but with a different UI and a different set of apps.

OpenSuse Tumbleweed

I thought of not including this, because it’s a distro which does not end up working in my laptop due do graphic driver issues, but at the time when I could use it in my previous machine, it was gold. Similar to Manjaro, this Linux distro also uses green as it’s main theme color, yet uses a default and vanilla look and feel. It does not provide anything extra when compared or other of the distros here, it’s stable, simple, and good enough for you to work in, but it’s best part if probably it’s simplicity and it’s “do small but well” attitude… Ok I just made that up.


AAAHH it looks so cool… MICROSOFT!!! Copy them

Don’t use this in your primary machine. It’s a distro which is made similar to a college project or something like that, but it just looks sooo cool and is also unique in a way. It uses Javascript and Next.JS for development and design. The only thing I admire about this, is that it has it’s own text editor, and a suit of similar apps, all developed by a single entity. Also, come on… It just looks so professionally crafted UI.

So yeah that’s about it for now, I’ll make more videos on this if you guys like it over on YouTube. If you feel like contributing to me, you could do it through patreon or buymeacoffee. With that said, I’ll meet you in the next one.

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