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Cardano, Solana, Polkadot, Fantom and Telos vs the Clock!


Key Metrics to Compare

Side-by-Side Comparison

Transactions per second (TPS)




Programming Language

  • Take a permutation of {1,…,n}, for example, {4,2,1,5,3}.
  • Take the first element, 4 here, and reverse the order of the first 4 elements: {5,1,2,4,3}.
  • Repeat this until the first element is a 1, so flipping won’t change anything more: {3,4,2,1,5}, {2,4,3,1,5}, {4,2,3,1,5}, {1,3,2,4,5}.
  • Count the number of flips, here 5.
  • Keep a checksum:
    - checksum = checksum + (if permutation_index is even then flips_count else -flips_count)
    - checksum = checksum + (toggle_sign_-1_1 * flips_count)
  • Do this for all n! permutations, and record the maximum number of flips needed for any permutation.


Summing up



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