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Code Journalism and The code Journalist

a software engineer and a code journalist hands on the the job to be done

The code journalist is working alongside the software development team he is often pairing with one of her or his team members for crafting development stories that report the activity of this team member and also often alone working on the code of this algorithmic solution that is about code documentation and for helping all team members have journalistic reports of the important job they have achieved.

When this code journalist will be there with you holding a notepad and having a Dictaphone for taking notes and recording interviews like what journalists do. She or he will be reporting problems the team member is facing, the clever solutions the software engineer has found, and all of this not for the sake of screening or supervising the team member for seeing if he or she works as expected but for journalizing the work of the development and reporting the problems this development team is facing and the solution it implements this for producing a journalistic knowledge base that will be of value during the development process and in any other project. The work of the code journalist will allow the development team to have a very insightful knowledge base as well as an AI-based document engineering stack that will make it easy for your team to document the projects on which they are working. Writing this last sentence, I thought about all these game studios that could need a code journalist and some of the team members of these game development studios are actually purposefully doing this code journalism job by writing and sharing stories about their game development stories on blogging platforms like gamedeveloper ex gamasutra and some developers are doing the same in hashnode is a blogging platform for developers. All these developers who are already blogging are those who I think will better understand this role of code journalist that I am trying to describe and that should be included in all agile development project management frameworks like ExtremeXP and scrum. While working on SwapC I will be the code journalist at the same time that I will be developing it. Writing about this role of code journalist with the perspective of adding it into the current agile development frameworks by clearly defining the activities and perimeter of this role and the benefits that it will provide to any software development project.

For this new role of code journalist to be clearly defined and introduced into agile development frameworks, it could be interesting to gather more information about these agile development frameworks in order to see how this role will be included then reading about agile methodologies from the perspective of clearly defining this role of code journalist and for exploiting the knowledge gathered for better managing this project about this smart software development tool. This would make you and me better software development team managers who know the in and out of how to better manage the development of large-scale software and ship it in time for it to work reliably and safely as specified by the design requirements.

If you are a software engineer this new role will give you more responsibilities in the actual team are part of if you want to spend extra time writing and typing development stories while learning this new skill of code journalism.

This is what I will be writing about in order to attract software engineers and software developers on platforms like Medium like how I have attracted 10K and more people to read this article about the importance of fast JS frontend the is the next big thing for frontend engineers, an article that is also linked with this smart software development tool.

Amateur and professional journalists could also have an opportunity to work in big tech companies if they have the gut for learning enough principles of software engineering and coding mostly the ability to understand code by reading it and have an understanding of the usage of common frameworks and dev tools.

Then this new role of code journalist brings two opportunities with its two-sided target audience (journalists and bloggers, software engineers and developers) because the journalist or blogger could learn more about software development and engineering, and the software engineer and developer learn more about journalism and storytelling what create a cooperative marketplace that could be built and animated while working on this project about this smart software development tool.

Then this new project is born from this smart software development tool and it’s this new role of code journalist this project is about popularizing this role and introducing it to big and small software development teams and about connecting journalists and bloggers willing to specialize in this role of code journalist with software engineers and developers willing this same thing that is about code journalism.

While writing this I thought about covering open source projects by writing about how they are implementing code, what is the problem they are actually trying to solve and what are their future goals and perspective because this is an interesting code journalism exercise that reminds me of this computational journalism solution that is about taking the conversation of open source projects teams in newsletters and other channels of communication and turning them into interesting stories to read and a useful knowledge base for the contributors of these open source projects.

You can be a code journalist, better you can shape the definition, standard, best practices, and future of this new skill.



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