Content Generation AI Tools: Are they the future of Content?

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a subpart of Artificial Intelligence that uses algorithms to understand and process human language. An Interesting use of NLP is AI-Enabled content generation.

Prateek Majumder
3 min readJul 9, 2021


Content is very important these days. Among all the types of content, text content is very important as it answers our audience’s questions. Proper usage of content can help connect with customers, gain leads, build relations, and gain trust with people. Content Creation and Distribution are both important in this whole process.

AI is being used in many industries to help generate content. The beauty of AI-based content generation is that it can be used to create anything from a press release to an article or even a social media post. One of the biggest advantages for businesses using this technology is that they don’t have to invest in new staff and always have something fresh.

The whole content creation process is time-consuming and often creating large amounts of content can be a tedious task. Is there anything that we can use, to help us automate the process of content generation, or at least make it easier?

The answer is AI-enabled Content Generation Tools like Muse.

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AI-generated content can help in lead generation and conversion. For content to perform well on Search Engine results and be interesting to read, it must be engaging and of high quality.

It is not possible to replace Human Intelligence, but the day a Content Writer might be facing a creative block, an AI-based content tool can help him/her get started with that blog or product description.

AI-based content generation, or content that is generated by a computer program and not a human, has been the focus of much attention in recent years. This type of technology aims to create personalized content for each customer or reader without using personal information about them. In a world where people have so many different tastes and preferences, it can be difficult to please everyone.

The Muse Content Generation tool can be used to create content for a wide variety of uses. They also have a live demo part where they showcase some of their tools.

The AI-Based content generation field has many prospects. The specific area of study which deals with such content generation is Natural Language Generation.

There are many uses of such AI-based content generation:

Chatbots: Earlier, most of the use cases of Chatbots were knowledge-based or text corpus based chatbots. NLG can be used to create chatbots that can communicate with people by creating natural responses.

Voice Assistants: NLG and content creation can also create voice assistants that can answer our queries based on our questions.

Content Production: The main use of such tools and methods is to create text content like Emails, Tweets, Blog headers, Articles and so on. Many tools can also take long texts as input and give a summary.

AI-generated content is very commonly used these days in Marketing and Social media. Overall, it has made the customer journey very smooth. Companies are increasingly exploring how to use artificial intelligence to streamline their operations and improve customer service.

But does it mean that Content Writers will be out of jobs?

Doesn’t seem so. AI-Based content will serve as means to help content writers to create better content. Content Writers can use such tools to understand Content themes and the overall marketing context. Content writers can better understand the appropriate content paths that should be taken for better content curation. All these steps can help in better lead generation.

Check out Muse Content Creation Assistant:

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