Creating a Podcast of book summaries and articles in PDF in Portuguese with AI in Python!

A Podcast? Of Abstracts? PDF? In Python? Automatically? With AI? NLP?

Josue Luzardo Gebrim
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4 min readApr 17, 2021


Motivation: You have already come across gigantic books or articles and thought how long it will take you to read something that in the end, you might not need to read all that and that automation could read, summarize and create an episode of a Podcast of automated way?

#I had this idea after watching this video, where, with a few lines of code it is possible to create an AudioBook from a PDF file, see:

#But we can still improve, imagine summarizing books from 300 to 400 pages in a few paragraphs and then create an episode for a Podcast of a few minutes…

#I don’t want to spend hours listening to a book or article for no reason …

Come on, for this tutorial, I’m going to use the short story “O Alienista” that is in Machado de Assis’s book “Papers separate 1882”, considering that this is public domain content, which I…



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