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Creating Middleware with httprouter

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Why httprouter

There are many Multiplexers available, with popular ones being Gorilla Mux, httprouter, and Bone. For this article, I will explore httprouter, one I often use because I like how simple and efficient it is. But also because there is a version available for both net/http and fasthttp. I use both of these HTTP packages throughout my various projects. And having one HTTP Multiplexer to use regardless of which I'm using helps keep things simple.

Getting Started with httprouter

Before jumping into creating an HTTP middleware function, we should first start with the basics of using httprouter. We can look at the most basic HTTP service that prints “Hello World” to kick us off.

Creating our HTTP Middleware

For this article, we will create a basic logger middleware. This middleware aims to create a consistent log of HTTP requests regardless of what HTTP handler executes. That means before our handler() function executes, we want our middleware to run first.

Registering non-Custom Handlers with the HTTP middleware

A common practice for libraries such as PProf is to provide HTTP handlers as part of the package interface. The net/http/pprof package has several functions that adhere to the standard net/http method signature. Functions such as Index, which handles the /debug/pprof/ end-point, and Profile, which serves the /debug/pprof/profile CPU profiling end-point.


With the above, we have a simple hello world application that shows how easy it is to create HTTP Middleware functions with httprouter. We can also see how it is possible to use this middleware even with packages like PProf, where the HTTP handlers use a different signature.



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