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The Coding Engine which is At Par with an Average Programmer

Read how DeepMind’s new coding engine opens up with mind-bending possibilities which compete with actual human programmers and much more in this week’s newsletter

This is the third edition of CrunchX and here are the stories and resources which we thought were worth spending the time.

1. DeepMind says its new AI coding engine is as good as an average human programmer

As AI gets more sophisticated it appears that it could be coming for the world of programming. The potential of this seems both interesting and a bit of a slippery slope. The AI system AlphaCode presents possibilities of a robotic programming future, which is a path that Microsoft and Google seem keen to push forward. Written by James Vincent on The Verge and editorial selection by Omar Zahran. Read the article here:

2. Apple Is Working Hard To Spread The Love Of Their Swift Programming Language To Kids And Adults Alike

When it comes to programming languages, Swift is not something that people think of. But Apple is working hard to change this and this article details these efforts as Apple tries to remain relevant in the programming space. Written by Gerald on and editorial selection by Omar Zahran. Read the article here:

3. As backlash grows against coding boot camps, leaked documents and graduates reveal massive gaps between lucrative job promises and tougher realities

Coding boot camps seem to be more and more popular these days, with many people realizing the need for coding understanding in a changing world. This piece brings into question the effectiveness of these camps and if maybe there needs to be a rethinking of how we approach getting people educated in the coding space. Written by Vincent Woo, Jessica Xing, Rosalie Chan on Business Insider and editorial selection by Omar Zahran. Read the article here:

4. How to Migrate Your Enterprise Data Warehouse to a Cloud Data Warehouse

Guidance on how to migrate from on-premise to a fully cloud-managed Data Warehouse. Written by Eddie Segal on Fivetran and editorial selection by Christianlauer. Read the article here:

5. Cyber Security as a Service: Vital Growth-Multiplying Trends of 2022

How can a company use the trend of cyber security as a service to become more secure? Written by Nikita Godse on Data Science Central and editorial selection by Christianlauer. Read the article here:

6. What is Databricks Data Science & Engineering?

Using MS Azure and Spark to empower your Data Science Teams. Written and published on Mircosoft Docs and editorial selection by Christianlauer. Read the article here:

7. @EnvironmentObject explained for sharing data between views in SwiftUI

It’s vital to know about SwiftUI’s property wrappers, especially when you’re sharing data between Views. Antoine Van Der Lee covers why @EnvironmentObject is a better alternative than Dependency Injection when passing around data especially down through a hierarchy of child views. Written by Antonie Van Der Lee on SwiftLee and editorial selection by Dr. Stuart Woolley. Read the article here:

8. Accelerate Framework

If you’re heavily into number crunching — whether it’s image processing, machine learning, or you just have a fondness for Fourier analysis (and you’re working on Apple’s hardware as most of us software engineers are now) then I hope you’re familiar with the Accelerate framework. It’s an astonishingly fast framework for large-scale mathematical processing. I’m constantly surprised about how many people don’t know about it. Written by Apple and editorial selection by Dr. Stuart Woolley Read the documentation published on Apple Developer here:

9. Apple Says Pro Display XDR and 2021 MacBook Pro Can Experience Limited Brightness in High Temperatures

The message is clear. Do not under any circumstance, cook or bake your 2021 MacBook Pro or the Pro Display XDR. Sounds like common sense, no? Well, regardless, just keep one thing in mind. If your screen gets too hot, the brightness will be diminished so all those precious nits you bought it for will be wasted. There’s only one problem with this. The issue temperature is 25-celsius degrees room temperature. That’s not that hot if you ask me! Written by Juli Clover on MacRumors and editorial selection by Attila Vágó. Read the article here:

10. Twitter Widens Testing of Downvote Replies to a Global Audience; Android Support Coming Soon

All this talk about dislikes on YouTube must have made Twitter feel like they weren’t doing “enough” in the “revolutionary” space of downvoting, so decided to expand their experimental feature to the entire globe. Sometimes I wish the old discussion forums would come back. It was a life much simpler, wasn’t it? Written by Jagmeet Singh on Gadgets360 and editorial selection by Attila Vágó. Read the article here:

That’s our picks for this week. Hope you found something new, inspiring, astonishing, and crazy news going around the tech space. Thank you very much for taking your time to read this edition of CrunchX. Look out for the next edition the following week.


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