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A Decade of Raspberry Pi

Read the journey of Raspberry Pi from a $25 dollar computer to what it has come today and much more in this week’s newsletter

This is the seventh edition of CrunchX and here are the stories and resources which we thought were worth spending the time.

1. How technology is helping improve financial inclusion around the world

The finance sector is seeing a boom in interest from demographics previously unseen in the industry. This has been attributed to tech innovations and the proliferation of the blockchain. This article gives a good look at what is driving this increased interest and if it is sustainable in the long term. Written by Carmen Reinicke on CNBC and editorial selection by Omar Zahran. Read the article here:

2. How Roblox Makes Programming Beginner Friendly with Luau

Everyone knows Roblox as a fun game aimed at kids, but it could potentially be a building block to learning programming? In this article, it is proven that this is a direction that the game is heading towards. A great mechanism to learn while playing, helping to equip the programmers of tomorrow. Written by Starr Campbell on The New Stack and editorial selection by Omar Zahran. Read the article here:

3. Computer science professor used his stroke to create an app that helps survivors relearn skills

This is a heartwarming story about how a professor was able to take a potential tragedy and turn it into a positive when he used him suffering a stroke as a means to build an app to help stroke survivors relearn skills. Written by Diane Daniel on Manisteenews and editorial selection by Omar Zahran. Read the article here:

4. 10 years of Raspberry Pi: The $25 computer has come a long way

Raspberry Pi has turned 10 years old. This is an excellent look at the little device that revolutionized computing and how it will continue blazing a trail moving forward. Written by Simon Bisson on the Tech Republic and editorial selection by Omar Zahran. Read the article here:

5. 6 Ways Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is driving innovation to help the Environment

6 Examples for how to use Data Science and Artificial Intelligence for becoming more environmentally friendly. Written by Dr. Mukesh Kwatra on Analytics Insight and editorial selection by Christianlauer. Read the article here:

6. Expanding Data Science beyond Visualisation

Interesting approaches on how to make Data Science better accessible and understandable for visually impaired people. Written by Maria Herd on Maryland Today and editorial selection by Christianlauer. Read the article here:

7. 12 Data Science Projects to try (from Beginner to Advanced)

12 concrete project ideas for working with data for different skill levels from the basic ones like data exploration to real-world projects such as fake news detection, credit card fraud detection, and so on. Written by Sakshi Gupta on Springboard and editorial selection by Christianlauer. Read the article here:

8. Category Theory

I’m from a mathematical background and have a strong interest in functional programming, and can highly recommend this series of videos from Bartosz Milewski on Category Theory. Knowledge of the basics of programming, a little set theory, and conceptual curiosity is required — but you’ll learn a lot about the meaning and origin of words you’ve heard floating around but never quite understood! Editorial selection by Dr. Stuart Woolley. View the complete playlist on Category Theory by Bartosz Milewski here:

9. Learn Haskell in 2022 with These 15 Resources

From Bartosz’s videos, I also discovered an excellent article with many detailed links and references related to learning the Haskell language. If you haven’t experienced Haskell or want to dip your toe into a truly functional language, and have a clandestine love for types, it’s very much worth a read. I expect Haskell to continue growing in the industry and its use to become far more widespread — it’s worth at least being familiar with for anyone truly interested in computer science. Written by Serokell on Dev Genius and editorial selection by Dr. Stuart Woolley. Read the article here:

10. IOCC

As with all good software engineers, I enjoy a challenge — and it’s fun to see others enjoying the same. You might enjoy looking through the archives of the International Obfuscated C Code Contest (IOCCC) and trying to decipher how some of the obfuscated code works. It certainly takes a deep mastery of the language to get your head around some of the winning entries. It also, by the look and feel of the website, reminds you that sometimes simple is best… Editorial selection by Dr. Stuart Woolley. To know more about the contest, visit the website here:

Closing Note

That’s our picks for this week. Hope you found something new, inspiring, astonishing, and crazy news going around the tech space. Thank you very much for taking your time to read this edition of CrunchX. Look out for the next edition the following week.


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