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How Slack designs its APIs

Learn the entire process of designing an API followed by Slack and much more in this week’s newsletter

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This is the fifteenth edition of CrunchX and here are the stories and resources we thought were worth spending the time.

1. 6 Data Monitoring Tools you can use to track your Brand’s Campaign

Data monitoring tools help to visualize vast amounts of data into comprehensible information sets that can be extremely helpful for planning specific brand campaigns of a company. This article describes 6 different tools that can be used here, with Hootsuite and Alteryx Designer being two of them. Written by Ryan Ayers on Dataconomy and editorial selection by Christianlauer. Read the article here:

2. AWS Documentation & Glossary

If you’re heavily into cloud services, and many of us are these days, and in particular AWS it can be difficult to remember or even discover the ones you’re looking to use and how to interact with them. The AWS General Reference (link) is an extremely useful resource — but for me, the Glossary (link) is probably the most useful AWS page of all (also available as an offline PDF — link— if you’re locked inside a data center with no internet access…). Editorial selection by Dr. Stuart Woolley.

3. eksctl Documentation

Talking of AWS, if you’re fond of clusters and are in the Kubernetes club you might be interested in using eksctl (LINK: as a simple tool to manage clusters on Amazon’s EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service). It’s less complex than other solutions such as Terraform, and get can clusters up quickly and easily — especially if you’re starting out, experimenting, or investigating pod problems and don’t need the overhead of a more complex setup. eksctl is now officially supported by AWS themselves as a CLI EKS interface and AWS’s own documentation can be found here. Editorial selection by Dr. Stuart Woolley and view the documentation here:

4. The Future of Data Management: It’s already here

Analysts believe that data fabrics are going to be the future of data management. These data fabrics can be seen as integrated layers that connect specific data processes with one another. These same analysts also believe that this approach to data fabrics will gain more significance in the near future, since data is growing exponentially very quickly and becoming spread more vastly, hence this new approach must be developed further in a shorter period of time in order to meet the companies’ needs. Written by Navin Sharma on Datanami and editorial selection by Christianlauer. Read the article here:

5. Competitive Programmer’s Handbook

Here’s one good e-book on the essentials of programming. Excellent for preparation for coding interviews. As this book covers programming essentials this will make your coding challenges a lot easier. I really like the part about amortized analysis as that’s what most developers neglect. Written by Antti Laaksonen and editorial selection by Miloš Živković. Read the book here:

6. Building Data Literacy: What CDOs need to know

Data literacy is describing the ability of a person to read, understand, work and communicate with data in a correct manner. Therefore, CDOs (Chief Data Officers) must have the above-mentioned criteria in order to do their jobs dutifully. This article describes what CDOs do have to know for filling their positions fully out with specific best practice examples. Written by Nathan Eddy on InformationWeek and editorial selection by Christianlauer. Read the article here:

7. How We Design Our APIs at Slack

Excellent guide on how to design API. I think we can all agree these are defacto API design principles. If more developers would follow “Avoid breaking changes”, I wouldn’t be changing code this weekend :D. Written by Saurabh Sahni and Taylor Singletary on Slack Engineering and editorial selection by Miloš Živković. Read the article here:

8. The 5 best Data Science Programs to consider in 2022

Data Scientists are in high demand in today’s global job market. This article describes 5 educational programs that help to gain significant knowledge in the area of Data Science. It also distinguishes between virtual and physical programs and mentions the respective advantages and disadvantages of each and every one. Written by Auria Moore on Datafloq and editorial selection by Christianlauer. Read the article here:

9. Apple Silicon Exclusively Hit With World-First “Augury” DMP Vulnerability

Researchers have identified a key exploit in Apple Silicon chips, making them vulnerable to data leaks similar to Intel’s Spectre/Meltdown woes. Written by Francisco Pires on Tom’s Hardware and editorial selection by Antony Terence. Read the article here:

10. Apple, Google, and Microsoft team up for new password-free technology

In a bid to bolster security across the internet, tech giants Apple, Google, and Microsoft have pledged their support towards passwordless sign-in systems. Written by Colleen Hagerty on Popular Science and editorial selection by Antony Terence. Read the article here:

Closing Note

That’s our picks for this week. Hope you found something new, inspiring, astonishing, and crazy news going around the tech space. Thank you very much for taking your time to read this edition of CrunchX. Look out for the next edition the following week.


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