Introducing ReacType v21: Lowering the barrier to entry and raising the bar in React development

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4 min readMay 15, 2024


We are thrilled to announce the launch of ReacType (v21), a React prototyping tool that allows users to visualize their application architecture dynamically, employing an interactive drop and drag display with real-time component code preview, and a collaboration room that features live video and chat functionality.

In today’s rapidly evolving software landscape, ReacType (v21) stands as a testament to our dedication to enhancing the development capabilities of the software engineering community. Recognizing the critical role of developer tools in assisting technology creation, we remain committed to ensuring such tools are accessible and robust enough for developers at all stages of their career.

Image by ReacType — new MUI components

Image by ReacType.

What’s New in ReacType v21

With the latest update, ReacType (v21) has achieved a transformative enhancement in user project versatility, design capabilities, and development efficiency. We have integrated 49 new, pre-styled Material UI components, ready for immediate use out of the box, without any additional configuration, which significantly broadens the creative scope for engineers. To support this extensive expansion, the user interface has been meticulously restructured, offering a more intuitive and accessible environment.

These improvements not only refine the aesthetic and functional aspects of the platform but also bolster the overall development process, ensuring that ReacType remains a top-tier tool for React app prototyping and collaboration. Additionally, these innovations lay the groundwork for further enhancements related to user customization of Material UI props and the incorporation of additional component libraries.

Enhanced Code Generation

The introduction of these new components necessitated a comprehensive overhaul of our code generation logic. The enhanced system now manages import statements, state, event handlers, and other essential variables and functions with greater efficiency. This optimization ensures that the generated code is not only fully functional but also fine-tuned for performance, making it ready for export, as users begin building their applications.

Image by ReacType — new code preview

Image by ReacType.

Revamped iframe Implementation

Understanding the need for stateful interactions with UI components, we’ve reengineered our iframe implementation. The “Demo Render” enhancements allow users to interact seamlessly with state-dependent components, providing a highly realistic and practical preview of component behavior in a live environment. This upgrade ensures that developers can accurately assess and refine UI/UX experiences in real time, enhancing the quality and effectiveness of final projects.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Aligned with our commitment to a streamlined and smooth user experience, ReacType (v21) also brings crucial fixes and enhancements to the platform. We’ve remedied numerous rendering issues throughout the UI to establish consistent performance and adherence to user expectations. Moreover, we’ve resolved issues with the forgotten password functionality on both the frontend and backend, guaranteeing a more fluid user experience. Futhermore, we’ve enriched our codebase with 273 JSDoc comment blocks, ensuring detailed inline documentation and making it easier for new contributors to understand and engage with our code.

Optimized Testing Environment

Following the recent migration to Vite, ReacType (v21) has successfully addressed and resolved compatibility issues within the testing suite, while adding 30 tests for new features. This crucial optimization not only enhances the reliability and performance of the framework, while significantly improving the user experience, making interactions with ReacType smoother and more enjoyable than ever before.

Empowering Collaboration and Efficiency

With (v21), ReacType continues to emphasize collaboration and efficiency. The platform now supports even more dynamic interactions among developers, facilitated by our robust suite of pre-styled components. Whether it’s live coding, peer reviews, or interactive problem-solving, ReacType (v21) makes working together simpler and more productive.

Future-Focused and Community-Driven

As we look ahead, ReacType remains dedicated to ongoing improvement and innovation within the realm of React app prototyping. Our team is enthusiastic regarding these advancements and is confident that ReacType provides, and will continue to provide, valuable tools for programers at any stage in their web development journey.

At ReacType’s heart lies its two core principles, we are better developers when we create together and development should be accessible and efficient. It is with that sentiment that we encourage you to experience the benefits of React app prototyping by using ReacType today.

Get Involved and Shape the Future of ReacType

Visit our website to sign up and start exploring the new features of (v21). Join our vibrant community and contribute to the ongoing expansion of ReacType. We actively incorporate user feedback and adapt to emerging technologies to ensure our platform remains at the forefront. Your insights and contributions are invaluable as we strive to make ReacType the most powerful and user-friendly React prototyping tool available. Thus, we ask that you please submit any issues or contribute to the open-source project on our GitHub.

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