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Leading Data Science Certifications to Ace in 2022

Are they really worth your efforts?

Data science is the study that concerns the retrieval and analysis of data sets, intending to identify information and correspondences hidden in the unprocessed data, defined as raw. It is the science that combines programming skills and mathematical and statistical knowledge to extract meaningful information from data. It consists of application of machine learning algorithms to numerical, textual data, images, video and audio content.

Data science responds to the questions about the influence of customer behaviour on the company’s business results. With data becoming key role in decision making for companies to drive business the right way, it becomes imperative that data science skills are applied in a way so as to make the most of the humungous data that companies today are blessed with. Consumers shifting towards online portals for meeting their daily shopping and other needs, huge online data hence generated becomes the deciding factor for their future endeavours.

There are many data science certifications available today, online as well as onsite. Recruiters are interested in your skills and give special attention to which certifications have you earned for the required position. They clearly understand what value a certified data science specialist brings to the business. And yet, there are many of you still in dilemma, thinking Whether these certifications are valuable and worthy or not? Let us understand how these data science certifications impact your job search.

The purpose of a data science certification is to provide you that winning edge over other professionals in the industry. You’ll learn complex skills that are hard to source in your marketplace and you’ll also validate the skills you have at the moment. These certifications also showcase that you possess all the expertise required to manage and assess their data for the purpose of business growth and prosperity.

There are certain points you must keep in mind while looking at deciding among the best data science certifications:

👉Contents of the program

👉Cost of the program

👉Prerequisites or qualifications required to take the certification

👉Reviews from previous students


1. IBM Data Science Certification (Coursera)

The course is aimed at helping beginners gain understanding of fundamental concepts of data science, the role and responsibilities of a data scientist and how fluently you used data science tools and provide for building, testing and training data models. It is a self-paced affordable course with no prerequisites but it involves a longer duration of 11 months to complete.

👉Website :

2. United States Data Science Institute (USDSI™): CDSP™, CLDS™, CSDS™

The world-renowned data science certification programs from USDSI hold higher stature and depth in the core value of the certification, making them the best data science certifications in the industry worldwide. They provide three different certifications that are online accessible and comes at a nominal cost that is worth every penny for the quality that they bring in to your data science portfolio.

These programs vary in the expertise levels that you bring in- from beginners (graduates) to professionals (upskilling) and the ones looking for a career shift to data sciences. Vetted by leading industry-experts and self-paced programs with a sharable digital badge, is what makes the certifications from USDSI stand class-apart. These are surely an easy-way to nail that dream data science professional role closer to reality.

👉Website :

👉Register and Create account now:

3. The Data Science Course: Complete Data Science Bootcamp (Udemy)

The data science program offered by Udemy is a complete toolbox to learn Python coding, solving real-life business cases, questions and answer support and community availability.


4. Data Scientist Nanodegree by Udacity

People considering a career change to data science can lookup to these Nanodegrees from Udacity which demands you to be familiar with a few data science concepts and topics. It provides a well-rounded training with real-time case studies that comes at a higher cost, that ultimately puts it off-the-burner.


In order to make a compelling portfolio that showcases your talent, experience and aptitude to develop strong data science projects, investing in a worthy data science certification is a must-have. Taking the right step towards a credible data science certification will definitely prove to be the decision that could make or break your data science career in the long-run. So, why not give your career a flying start with the best data science certifications today?



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