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NodeJS vs PHP for Backend Development: Which One Businesses Should Pick?

Nowadays, two of the most popular server-side platforms are PHP and NodeJS. Both of these leading backend technologies have their advantages and disadvantages, despite being equally popular among developers.

In this blog, we try to clarify some of the significant differentiations between the two leadings. In this blog, we’ll talk about how using a particular technology for backend development might benefit you the most.

NodeJS: What & Why?

The open source runtime environment Node.js is built on JavaScript and is leveraged for both frontend and backend development. It is a cross-platform framework that handles Windows, Linux servers, Unix, and macOS. For creating real-time web apps and dashboards, this runtime technology is ideal.

Due to the event-driven, non-blocking I/O approach used by Node.js, it is more effective and can handle enormous loads. Large-scale apps and streaming websites can benefit greatly from it.

Moving ahead, let’s talk about,

Pros & Cons of NodeJS for Backend Development

Let’s check some upsides and downsides of NodeJS for backend development:-

Pros of NodeJS

  • Highly scalable
  • Flexibility
  • Best for real-time apps
  • Asynchronous & fast
  • Multiple modules

Cons of NodeJS

  • Less documentation
  • Not easy to find professional NodeJS developers
  • Inefficient CPU operations
  • Hosting issues
  • Complex

Top Apps Built Using NodeJS

  • Netflix
  • PayPal
  • Trello
  • Walmart
  • GoDaddy eBay

As we’ve discussed a lot on NodeJS, now let’s move forward and discuss,

PHP: What & Why?

The Hypertext Preprocessor is known as PHP. It is a popular open-source programming language for backend development. PHP is another of the most trustworthy backend programming languages.

The majority of operating systems are compatible with PHP, making it ideal for server-side programming (Linux, Windows, macOS, RISC OS, etc.). It can operate as a module or a CGI processor and is compatible with a number of web servers. It supports a range of databases and is an easy-to-use language.

Moving ahead, let’s talk about,

Pros & cons of PHP for Backend Development

Let’s check some upsides and downsides of PHP for backend development:-

Pros of PHP

  • Quick development
  • Offers MVC architecture
  • Rich codebase
  • Database and system flexibility is quite strong

Cons of PHP

  • Not easy to maintain
  • Lacks the ability to manage a large number of applications
  • Ineffective SoC
  • Slow performance
  • Less secure
  • Not an appropriate choice for big apps

Top Apps Built Using PHP

  • Facebook
  • Wikipedia
  • Tumblr
  • MailChimp
  • Slack

Following our extensive discussion of both technologies, let’s move on to make a comparison between PHP and NodeJS by focusing on a few different factors.

NodeJS vs PHP: Which One is Best for Backend Development?

There are a few categories that need to be explained to comprehend how PHP and NodeJS differ from each other. So, let’s start!

#1. NodeJS vs PHP: Performance

A high-performance technology offers superior results and significantly improves the UX. It is the norm for screenplay writing and how it affects various KPIs. PHP and NodeJS both utilize it.

As NodeJS is event-driven and asynchronous, it executes applications more quickly and starts up more quickly. The beginning and finish times still varied slightly as a result of concurrency. In contrast, PHP limits concurrency and loads slowly.

#2. NodeJS vs PHP: Database Usage

Relational databases like MySQL, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL are typically supported by PHP. NoSQL databases are used in some time-consuming and difficult solutions, nevertheless.

NodeJS seamlessly integrates with NoSQL databases like MongoDB, Redis, and ElasticSearch, as well as SQL databases like MySQL. Additionally, it supports Neo4j-style graph database systems.

Therefore, NodeJS is the ideal option for developing a scalable web application that occasionally accesses relational or non-relational databases.

#3. NodeJS vs PHP: Speed

In contrast to other languages, NodeJS features an asynchronous development environment. One doesn’t have to wait for the subsequent module to load because it is asynchronous. After all, several modules are run at once.

In turn, the user experience is improved since the execution time is dramatically reduced. Like most other technologies, PHP is synchronous, which means that each module is run in a particular order. If one function cannot be run, the subsequent ones won’t begin until the first execution is finished.

#4. NodeJS vs PHP: Development Cost

There are many variables that affect development costs, but for now, we’ll only focus on one of them: the development platform. It’d be beneficial for you to hire NodeJS developers from India.

A core group can complete the task because JavaScript may be used for the front-end and backend of a project. In this instance, the development cost is cheaper as a result.

PHP is a backend-specific programming language, as compared to NodeJS. In order to finish a PHP project, you will therefore require a team that includes top front-end developers and backend developers.

#5. NodeJS vs PHP: Request Handling

The extent to which technology manages client-side requests is determined by how requests are handled. This is where PHP and NodeJS vary from one another.

PHP only processes one request at once, which is sometimes comparatively slow. It uses a lot of computing resources as well. On the upside, it accurately handles requests.

NodeJS manages numerous requests concurrently and generally uses fewer computing resources. However, if a single request has an unfixed problem, it may result in inaccurate data.

#6. NodeJS vs PHP: Usage

The ways in which NodeJS and PHP are implemented differ significantly from one another. NodeJS is suitable for producing highly scalable server-side solutions and building mobile-friendly web apps, whereas PHP is ideal for developing CPU-intensive applications and is used in LAMP stack API development.

As you’ve seen, the differences. Now, it’s time to discuss,

When to Choose NodeJS?

If performance and ease of development are essential factors, Node.js is recommended. Additionally, you must hire Node JS developers India for:

  • For dynamic web app development
  • Real-time app development
  • For building SPA

When to Choose PHP?

In your technological stack, PHP should be your first choice if you need to develop:

  • eCommerce Web apps
  • CPU intensive apps
  • Best for LAMP stack projects
  • CRM & CMS development

Key takeaways


When choosing between Node.js and PHP, numerous factors need to be taken into account. The two platforms are both fantastic options for development.

NodeJS has a substantial advantage over PHP thanks to its more flexible and modular approach. Lastly, it is all up to you to decide wisely and select the platform that best meets your demands.

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