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Nuvia Chips in PCs, confirms Qualcomm

Apple’s M-series competitor, Nuvia ARM chips to be placed in PCs by 2023, and much more in this week’s newsletter

Source: Qualcomm

This is the fourteenth edition of CrunchX and here are the stories and resources we thought were worth spending the time.

1. Every ridiculous thing we learned today about Elon Musk’s plan to take over Twitter

Underneath the massive $44 billion buyout of Twitter lies a web of disconnect and uncertainty. The Verge investigates. Written by Richard Lawler on The Verge and editorial selection by Antony Terence. Read the article here:

2. Qualcomm Confirms Nuvia Arm Chips Will Be in PCs by Late 2023

Qualcomm’s answer to Apple’s M1 chips is slated to arrive in late 2023. Its Nuvia chips have the potential to trade blows with Apple’s ARM-powered consumer devices. Written by Mike Tyson on Tom’s Hardware and editorial selection by Antony Terence. Read the article:

3. Hard to work with.

How to deal with underperformers? This is a question to which most developers need the answer. I like how Will approaches this problem, and that is to lead with construction and disregard the underperformer. Good advice for any developer to follow. Written and published by Will Larson and editorial selection by Miloš Živković. Read the article here:

4. The Mechanics of Software Evolution

tUse feature requests as a breeding ground for the next generation of the system’s architecture. Kislay explains why feature requests matter, and how to use them to your advantage. Written and published by Kislay Verma and editorial selection by Miloš Živković. Read the article here:

5. What is Behavioral Data and why Businesses should use it?

This article deals with the definition of what behavioral data exactly is, as well as with the purposes of its usage and the people who should use behavioral data. In general, one can say that all behavioral data is simply describing what people and machines do since almost every task of today’s life is connected digitally. A possible group that can benefit from the use of behavioral data is for example e-commerce marketplaces since they can use behavioral data for a better understanding of their target groups. Written by Yaali Sassoon on Datanami and editorial selection by Christianlauer. Read the article here:

6. Artificial Intelligence Technology Trends that matter for Business in 2022

AI development has reached almost every company these days of all shapes and sizes. Therefore, it is important to look at possible AI trends that will have a great impact this year. This article describes ten possible trends within the AI world, with aspects such as natural learning and augmented reality being two among them. Written by Nishanth PK on Datafloq and editorial selection by Christianlauer. Read the article here:

7. How AI, ML, and Big Data are facilitating Innovation in the Fashion Industry?

More and more fashion companies are making use of technologies such as AI, ML, and Big Data by incorporating them into their clothing production supply chain. As a result, more personalized customer experiences can be provided to the users. Written by big data on Big Data Analytics News and editorial selection by Christianlauer. Read the article here:

8. Big Book of R

I’ve mentioned R several times before as it’s an impressive language for data manipulation and statistical analysis, but few people tend to pick it up and make an effort to learn as it has quite a steep learning curve.
Oscar Baruffa has an excellent site the “Big Book of R” which has so many R-related resources it’s hard to describe — everything from Data Science through Finance to GeoSpatial analysis. I’m sure you’ll find something here to aid you on your R journey. Written and published by Oscar Baruffa and editorial selection by Dr. Stuart Woolley. Read the book here:

9. GeostatsGuy Lectures

Similarly, I can also recommend the YouTube channel of Michael Pyrcz, “GeostatsGuy Lectures”, which covers not only general Data Science topics but also Machine Learning and Modelling, all primarily using the Python language for various computational tasks. It’s a place I head to from time to time as I’m no Python expert but it’s good to know what the other people are up to! Editorial selection by Dr. Stuart Woolley. Visit the YouTube channel here:

10. 5 Dashboard Design Best Practices

If you’re like me and you move around and process a lot of data in your day job then you’re most likely interested in dashboards — either for monitoring, catching anomalies, and triggering alerts, or simply for giving an overview to a non-technical user. I use InfluxDB a lot, and often Grafana, and find Influx Data’s resources extremely useful. Their technical marketing writer Charles Mahler has an excellent overview of what you should be looking to portray and how you should portray it for maximum effect in a dashboard. Written by Charles Mahler on The New Stack and editorial selection by Dr. Stuart Woolley. Read the article here:

Closing Note

That’s our picks for this week. Hope you found something new, inspiring, astonishing, and crazy news going around the tech space. Thank you very much for taking your time to read this edition of CrunchX. Look out for the next edition the following week.


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