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Robot Dog learns to walk in one Hour

Algorithms and programming to the rescue

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This is the twenty-fifth edition of CrunchX and here are the stories and resources we thought were worth spending the time.

1. Tim Hortons offers free coffee and donut to settle data privacy invasion claims

Fast food chain Tim Hortons has an unorthodox plan to settle multiple privacy class-action lawsuits: a free donut and a cup of coffee. Pending approval from the courts, users affected by the organization’s data collection practices will receive free goods in addition to the deletion of their improperly collected data. Written by Brandon Vigliarolo on The Register and editorial selection by Antony Terence. Read the article here:

2. Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Amazon linked to stolen Brazilian rainforest gold

With over a third of the world’s extracted gold being used for electronics, it’s no surprise that some of it come from questionable sources. PCWorld and Reuters report that illegally mined gold has made its way from the Amazon rainforest into devices made by Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Amazon. Written by Michael Crider on PCWorld and editorial selection by Antony Terence. Read the article here:

3. Shell Script Put Multiple Line Comments under Bash/KSH

Pretty much everyone knows how to write comments in a shell script, most especially bash, and if you’re not commenting on your scripts then you really should be… However, although most people simply used hashes at the start of every line for multi-line comments, there are other, somewhat unusual, ways — Vivek Git’s tutorial shows you some ways that might make you a talking point at work! Written by Vivek Gite on Cyberciti and editorial selection by Dr. Stuart Woolley. Read the article here:

4. htmlq

I’ve mentioned the incredibly useful Linux command line utility jq before — parse javascript, slice, and dice, and make your scripts shine. People aren’t generally aware of its related utility hq— a command line HTML parser that allows you to extract values from raw HTML. If like me, you’ve spent time with regexes and HTML over the years, you’ll find hq a breath of fresh air and will be quickly integrating it into your workflow. Staff pick by Dr. Stuart Woolley. View the GitHub repository here:

5. How Enterprises can prepare for Data Economy during and after COVID

Companies are collecting and processing vast amounts of data, therefore the tendency toward data-driven organizations is obvious. In addition, data is fluid, hence companies can quickly adapt themselves to global crises such as the ongoing COVID-pandemic. As a result, data will increase its impact more and more over the upcoming months and years. Written and published on ET CIO and editorial selection by Christianlauer. Read the article here:

6. From Menopause to Anxiety: the new Tech tackling Women’s Health Problems

The term “femtech” has been increasing its impact over the past five years and refers to digital products that address women’s health issues. It is predicted that this field will be worth 60bn USD by 2027. Hence, only the surface has been scratched and it is exciting what apps and technologies will be created next in the near future. Written by Helena Pozniak on The Guardian and editorial selection by Christianlauer. Read the article here:

7. Robot Dog learns to walk in one Hour

Researchers have created an artificial representation of a dog’s spinal cord and successfully programmed it so it could learn how to walk fluently in just one hour. This article dives deeper into how these researchers have used and programmed their algorithms to fulfill this specific purpose. Written by Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems on ScienceDaily and editorial selection by Christianlauer. Read the article here:

8. In Farming, a constant Drive for Technology

Robotics and AI will soon revolutionize the field of agriculture, certain researchers predicted. Indeed, there are now several technologies existing that help to optimize crop results such as robots with built-in AI that help recognize weeds from the actual crop, detect plant diseased, or calculate the most perfect amount of watering… Written by Tom Johnson on Undark and editorial selection by Christianlauer. Read the article here:

9. Advocate, educator, and authorial stance

What’s good to advocate about? Should you advocate some practice that made you cry? Martin goes over this topic and explains how to advocate with an open mind. A good read for any developer level. Written and published by Martin Fowler and editorial selection by Miloš Živković. Read the article here:

10. What I learned from Software Engineering at Google

What’s the difference between software engineering and programming? Programming over time is software engineering. There are other value nuggets you can read from this article, and this applies to all team sizes. Written and published on and editorial selection by Miloš Živković. Read the article here:

Closing Note

These are our picks for this week. Hope you found something new, inspiring, astonishing, and knowledgeable news going around the tech space. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this edition of CrunchX. Look out for the next edition the following week.


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