Selling Your Software Self On Social Media

Dr Stuart Woolley
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6 min readMar 25, 2023


Or rather, “How someone can easily judge you in just 2 lines of text.”

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If you cast your eyes over a random person’s Twitter profile¹ you can get an instant insight into how that person wishes to define themselves to the outside word, or conversely see that they just doesn’t really care at all.

Obviously the more popular and in the public eye they are the more lackadaisical they can afford to be — either with nothing, single words, or something totally irrelevant as what they say doesn’t really matter.

Lesser well known individuals, of course, often choose to define themselves by their job, lifelong convictions, religion, sexual identity or preference, geographical location, or just with a series of emoji that I, at least, have to double check the meaning of before I even begin to process such things.

Actually I myself put two of them in my own Twitter profile, “Send 🍷 and 🧀”.
Gen-X people have still got it.

Then there are those that put an awful lot of effort into such short summaries in the manner of Edgar Allan Poe, who was said to craft every single word carefully and specifically to get the exact nuance of meaning that he wanted in his writing². A true artisan, not like the modern ones.

Still others appear to just cast nuance aside, along with grammar and proper capitalisation I may add³, and seem to be happy to put out list of vaguely related keywords usually related to football, Brexit (or the EU), political affiliation, and often have profile pictures of their fierce pets or nothing at all.

Although many of the lesser ones are probably autogenerated by bots, I do like to think that most people do put at least a little effort into those few lines, to carefully craft a synopsis of themselves so that people can immediately judge them without having to read all of that content and commentary that they post.

Such is the society we live in today.

To that end, how would you, fellow progressive, management droid, HR drone, CTO code interloper, management pimpernel, or just casual outsider looking into the Grand Game of Software Engineering spell out your limited line profile to the world?



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