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ShardingSphere-on-Cloud & Pisanix replace Sidecar for a true cloud-native experience


What’s ShardingSphere’s plan for the cloud?

Stop the R&D of ShardingSphere-Sidecar

ShardingSphere’s cloud solution: ShardingSphere-On-Cloud

Achieving the vision of ShardingSphere-Sidecar through Pisanix

Is Pisanix the same with ShardingSphere-Sidecar?

  • Different design concepts: the design philosophy of JDBC & Proxy is Database Plus, which adds an interface on top of multiple data sources for unified governance and enhancement. Pisanix represents the specific practice of Database Mesh concept, leading to efficient and smooth DevOps of databases for applications in cloud native scenarios.
  • Different language ecosystems: JDBC is developed solely in Java. As Java is popular with numerous enterprise-grade community users and developers, JDBC can be easily applied to Java-developed applications. In comparison, Pisanix is developed in Rust to improve the reliability and efficiency of the access layer.



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