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The C Development Cycle

From Tiny C Projects by Dan Gookin

Figure 1. The C development cycle, courtesy the British Museum.
  1. Start by creating the source code file.
  2. Compile the source code into object code.
  3. Link in a library to create a program file.
  4. Finally, run the program for testing, disappointment, or delight.

Selecting the prefect source code editor

  1. Right-click on a C language (.c) source code file.
  2. Choose Open With, then choose your favorite text editor from the submenu.
  3. Laugh at Linux users whose file manager lacks this capability.

The process of compiling, linking, and building

Figure 2. The true nature of the program development cycle. (Image courtesy of the California Department of Highway Safety.)

Do It at the Command Prompt

Accessing the terminal window

Installing a compiler

sudo apt install clang
clang –v

Exploring text screen editors

sudo apt install vim

Obtaining libraries

sudo apt-get libcurl4



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