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The Internet of Bots and The Anti-BCH Propaganda

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The Internet of Bots

What happens, when a real person decides to challenge the narrative, stand in the face of the wind instead of following the flow, and ask the real questions?

The Anti-Bitcoin Cash Propaganda

The words “scam” and “scammer” are powerful. The BTC influencers are often abusing these terms since it is an easy approach to escape an argument. Just accuse the other person of being a scammer!

The Dead Internet Theory — Most of the Internet is Fake

The extend of manipulation on the internet is extensive.

Bots Run the Crypto-Internet with Influencers on Top

First, I want to mention that the number of active addresses does not represent the number of actual users of a network. It could be millions of active addresses executing transactions under a script routine, by just a thousand users or even less. There is almost no way of knowing and nobody will put the effort and resources to find this out.


How Much of the Internet is Real?

We live in a time we don’t know what is real or not.

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