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Tip of the Day: Putting Life in Sprite in Unity2D

Unity 2D engine uses sprites that are applied on gameObject to give them shapes textures. Normally a sprite is a simple graphical image that does not move.

Series of sprite in a sprite

In order to animate a sprite, you need to create a sprite sheet. A sprite sheet is basically an image that contains several smaller images where each image is basically a frame in the animation. Combining these images using Unity Animation allows the character or object to animate.

So how would you animate or more these sprites?

A. Select your sprite sheet, and make sure the texture type is set to Sprite(2d & UI), then enter the sprite editor. In the editor, you can either slice each image manually or let unity to slice it automatically.

B. Open the animation window, select the gameObject you want to animate and make sure you attach to it the Sprite Renderer, and then click create animation in the animation window.

C. It is as simple as dragging and dropping the sprites that you sliced from the sprite sheet into the animation window and adjusting their speed.

Drag and drop Animation

D. Without getting into too much detail now, after creating the animation, Unity will create an Animator controller that will be a component on the parent object. Open the animator window, and there you adjust the conditions when your animations will play. Here is an example:

You can set parameters for each animation transition that is controlled through code

The Unity animation system is very friendly and easy to use, and with enough practice you can do many amazing things with it.




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