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What You Need To Know To Debug A Preempted Pod On Kubernetes

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What Is A Preempted Pod?

What Are Limits, Requests And Quotas?

  • Requests
  • Limits
  • Quotas / LimitRange

How Quality Of Service Is Determined?

  • The limits and requests allocated to a new pod
  • The free CPU and memory resources available on a node
  • The priority of the existing pods compared to the priority of the new pod
  • Guaranteed, pods are considered top-priority and are guaranteed to not be killed until they exceed their limits.
  • Best Effort, pods have some form of minimal resource guarantee, but can use more resources when available. Under system resources pressure, these containers are more likely to be killed once they exceed their requests.
  • Burstable, pods will be treated as the lowest priority. Processes in these pods are the first to get killed if the system runs out of resources.

What Is A Priority Class?

What Are Affinities?

  • Other pods to potentially deploy two pods as close as possible to each other.
  • A node to deploy a pod on a specific node type, like a node with a GPU or an SSD drive.

What Is A Graceful Period Shutdown?

How To Prevent Preemption?

Cluster Auto-Scaling

Pre-commit Hook


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