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When Open Source Is Terrible | And Why This Will Affect YOU…

You know there are some cases where you shouldn’t even think of open sourcing a product. BUT, It’s time this is about to happen

If you know me, You know that am a huge fan of Open Source. I have several products which are completely open-source, and I’m happy that I’m contributing to the software world.

The problem comes in when you start contributing the wrong part of the code. And that… Is exactly what’s happening with Twitter. In short, this is what I think about the whole situation.

This is the start of the downfall of Twitter… And this is what happens, when experimentations go a bit too far. ALSO, this might be the time from which Elon Musk might start getting a negative reputation.

What Happened?

On April 25, 2022, Elon Musk(I don’t have to introduce him) bought Twitter, which was added to the list of all the companies of Elon Musk. I mean… Come On… Elon Musk is living the dream of owning the most number of major companies. From Tesla to PayPal to SpaceX, he has covered a lot of varieties. And now, you’ve got Twitter.

I am a big fan of Elon Musk in general and I think he is an awesome guy. But I usually don’t like when a company dominates a market too much(you guessed it, Microsoft!).

What Is Open Source?

For those of you who are not into software, open-source software is software whose code is open to everyone. The code could also be used, edited, and contributed by you.

if you understand the above context, congrats! You understand open source

It Just Crossed The Limit Of Open Source!

Coming to the context, Elon Musk is open-sourced… Wait for It… The algorithm used by Twitter. This not only means that you can see and contribute to the code, but it also means that you can exploit it. I’ll explain more in the next segment below.

What Elon Musk Did?

Well… He opens sourced the algorithm of Twitter. This might seem like a good thing, but it proves the fact that open source… also has its disadvantages.

The Disadvantages You Now Get

You Now Have The Textbook

I think it is very comparable to exams. The main intention you go to institutions should be to learn, but since you have exams, you now have to institutions for marks, if you know what I mean.

VERY SIMILARLY, on Twitter, the real intention is just to enjoy and tweet around people. But now that you have the algorithm open, you’ll now have to be “algorithm friendly”, to not left behind.

The competition to get followers is not about being active on Twitter anymore. It’s more about beating the algorithm.

Easy To Find Loopholes

You now know everything about the algorithm. This not only means that it’s easy to find loopholes but also easy to intentionally exploit them. YES… I know the loopholes could be corrected, but even the most smooth code of the algorithm could have some mistakes, not to mention the Twitter algorithm is not coded with open-sourcing in mind. Even the contribution would not help since the damage is already done by then.

Very “One-Sided Comments”

Now that you know how Twitter curates your tweets and which kind of tweet would be popular, you just tweet stuff that will be promoted more. This is gonna be done by everyone, resulting in Tweets that are of just one type rather than all varieties of tweets.

Maybe ONE Advantage

If there is any advantage to this, I can think of one… and just one. You see, now that the algorithm is completely open and even YOU can officially change it, there will be VERY fewer people complaining about the algorithm itself, like what some people do about the YouTube algorithm. I’m not saying it’s gonna go out, I’m just saying there gonna be less number of people because the algorithm itself is now controlled by the people.

So in the end we can that the Twitter algorithm is gonna be fairly pure and smooth.


Anyways, I hope it does not get open-sourced, because of the obvious reason, but at the end of the day, it’s how people receive it and use it, so I hope just goes fine.

I would want to contribute to the Twitter algorithm in some way, so maybe in the future, I can do that. I’ll be making videos specifically on this on my YouTube channel. I’ll also tweet some smaller stuff that cannot be covered in this article. That’s about it for this article, I hope you enjoyed it, I’ll meet you in the next one.

You’re Awesome :)





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