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Why I am starting over again(ish)… Again

Okay, maybe not “completely” over again

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  1. You gain access to a field that is growing rapidly
  2. Not so many developers in the space mean that there are more job opportunities
  3. Being a cross-platform developer means that you can build mobile applications for both android and iOS devices.
  4. The great user community for growing and learning.


  1. Not a vastly recognized field in software engineering
  2. Does not have a lot of vacancies, and as a result, is not needed by some companies
  3. Internships and large job opportunities do not come by so easily.
  4. Working for large corporations will mostly require knowledge of native app development.

Become a Software Engineer


  1. It’s CORN :). The most popular programming language
  2. Suitable for creating powerful web applications
  3. Can be used for both frontend and backend development
  4. Can also be used for mobile development with React Native

Learning Path





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