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Why should you learn C#

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C# is one of the easiest programming languages to learn if you’re new to computer programming.

There are a variety of programming languages to choose from if you want to start a career in programming or take up programming as a new pastime. Python, JavaScript, or C++ are the most preferred popular languages by people to learn first.

But today, I’m going to tell you why should, you choose C# as your programming language. Perhaps the most compelling incentive to learn C# is the vast array of toolsets and frameworks available, all of which are supported by Microsoft.

C# is a Contemporary language

A contemporary language has the most up-to-date capabilities for creating scalable, dependable, and resilient industry-standard software applications. C# is a contemporary programming language. The C# programming language has all the features that modern programmers require.

C# is easy and Straightforward

Whether you like it or not, you spend more time reading and comprehending code than writing it as a developer. As a result, readability is one of the most essential qualities I look for in a programming language.

The time and effort put in by language designers to create new structures and syntax to make code more legible, beautiful, and compact is highly useful for modern team-based software development. A language should not obstruct reading; rather, it should give avenues for properly expressing your idea.

C# is inspired by C, C++, and Java

C# was influenced by languages such as C, C++, and Java, but the designers improved on them by incorporating new ideas such as value types, properties, and events.

C# includes a garbage collector that takes care of memory management for you. You don’t have to worry about memory management in the vast majority of cases, and this is just one example of how C# makes life simpler.

C# as an object-oriented language

Encapsulation, polymorphism, and inheritance are all supported, as are all the core object-oriented language features.

C# also supports contemporary sophisticated data types and features like partial classes, extension methods, anonymous types, lambda expressions, asynchronous programming, and tuples, in addition to standard data types.

C# as a multi-paradigm programming language

C# began as an object-oriented language but has evolved into a multi-paradigm language that supports imperative, declarative, generic, and functional programming approaches.

C# got its first taste of functional programming thanks to LINQ. Lambda expressions, anonymous types, extension methods, and expression trees were combined to create a functional and standard approach to query data sources.

C# runs on a .NET runtime

C# was created as part of the larger .NET framework effort, not as a stand-alone language.

C# is evolving

C# is one of the world’s most rapidly developing programming languages. C# development, unlike other programming languages, is backed up by a dedicated team of Microsoft personnel.

C# is safe

C# is a type-safe programming language. In C#, every variable and class is a type, and every type is derived from the object, the object type, and is type-safe.

Automatic memory management, with the aid of the garbage collector, ensures that the application does not leak memory and manages object life cycles, and releases them when they are no longer needed.

C# is a mature and popular Programming Language

C# is a 20-year-old programming language that has grown substantially over time. C# is a fairly active programming language. C# 9, which was published in November 2020 and brought major enhancements to the language, is the most recent stable release.

C# supports native mobile apps

Using C# and Xamarin, mobile developers can create native iOS, Android, and UWP apps. Mac and Linux are also supported by Xamarin.

Check out Xamarin Learning Center on C# Corner.

C# can run very fast

C# has added several tools to assist developers to optimize speed and memory allocations over time.

4th Largest StackOverflow Community

As a C#novice, you will undoubtedly get familiar with StackOverflow, a programming Q&A site. Because StackOverflow was created in C#, there is a sizable C# community there. Some developers believe that C# queries receive higher-quality responses than one's in other languages.

C# developers are in high need

Because C# was created by Microsoft to be used to create programs for the Microsoft platform, Microsoft will almost certainly ensure that it remains relevant and up to date.

The capacity of a programming language to remain relevant and survive is also dependent on the language’s ability to attract fresh blood.

In 2015, there was a 22.2 percent increase in interest in learning C#. Virtual reality will almost certainly remain popular, and independent game creation will gain in popularity. Because Unity is such a big player in VR/game development, C# has a bright future.


The C# programming language is one of the world’s most flexible and up-to-date computer languages. C# is not only simple to learn and adapt, but it also has significant community support as well as assistance from the world’s most valuable corporation, Microsoft.

If you are thinking of Game Development then C# is a good option, as you'll get support from Unity too.



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