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Follow the steps to submit your article to CodeX

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What is CodeX?

CodeX is a medium publication that aims at providing top-notch content based on technology & coding.

We expect articles in the categories of computer science, innovative technology, programming, coding & engineering concepts, personal experience in tech or coding, tech in major fields (like Healthcare, education, and so on).

Points to remember

  • Make sure that your article is a grammatical-error-free article (highly recommended to use Grammarly or its chrome extension).
  • Ensure that you have the rights to use the images that are posted on your article (Image source must be cited below the image). It is an essential step to avoid copyright issues.
  • There should be no plagiarized content published in your article. If we found any plagiarized content, then you will be dismissed from the publication forever.

How to Submit?

Authors are expected to submit their articles via email to The format of the email must look like this:

  • Article Submission — this must be your subject line
  • Your name*
  • Your Medium profile link*
  • Your article title*
  • Your article link*
  • Your email address (to get in touch)*
  • Your LinkedIn profile (if you have)

If your article meets our criteria, you will soon be added as a writer to CodeX. Then you will be able to submit your articles directly to CodeX. If not, try again with your future articles. Hope for the best!



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