Yeelight LEDs remote control for Windows

I built a utility app to control Yeelight/Xiaomi LED Lights. It can be accessed from the Windows system tray.

Luís Soares
Mar 17 · 2 min read

I’m a fan of Xiaomi/Yeelight LEDs, especially because they can be used as smart home devices. You can control these lights with Xiaomi Home, Google Home, or Yeelights apps, but I wanted something that I could use while I was at my Windows PC so I didn’t have to look for the smartphone, unlock it, and look for the app and open it.

I imagined something in the Windows tray, which, with minimum clicks, allowed me to control the LEDs. I searched the web for a while but there was nothing. I found Yeelight Control (not working), Yeelight UWP, Yeelight Toolbox (checkout all Yeelight third-party tools). None of the apps sits in the system tray and all miss important features (e.g. toggle daylight/sunlight) and require lots of clicks. Bottom line: I ended up creating my own app since I wanted to try out .NET Core, play a bit with C# and solve my problem the way I had in mind.

Here’s the outcome:

It sits quietly as an icon at the Windows tray area
Once you click it, it displays a list of LEDs. You can control power, brightness, temperature, and light mode
You can rename and set the default state of a LED
There’s a feature to act on all LEDs at once

📝 I only tested the app with LED Ceiling Lights since those are the ones I own.

You can find further instructions at the project’s readme.

You’ll find the code at my GitHub:

What did I learn?

  • Rider IDE is free if you use its early access program (EAP) version. This applies to all of their IDEs.
  • C# is nice compared to Java but I miss lots of syntactic sugar that I’m used from Kotlin.
  • NuGet is a great package manager and it’s very well integrated into Rider.
  • Rider doesn't have a visual editor so I had to launch the app many times (per every small change), which allowed me to learn more about WPF.


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