You Won’t Make it Far without Knowing How to Work with Data

Before Semicolon
May 9 · 9 min read
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As developers, it is easy to go by without dealing with large data amounts or data that requires complex logic around it. For that reason, it is easy to neglect the need to improve your skills around working with data. The problem becomes obvious when you try to advance your career. There, everything is about data and it is not all programming-related.

Why learn about data?

As a programmer, you cant avoid data when programming. As a matter of fact, a program can even be used as data if you are meta-programming. For the most part, you are reading data from an API or Database, manipulating data to be displayed to the user, or making analysis to help you come up with a solution on how to store it, ship it, share it, or design a system around it.

Here a few reasons to deep dive into data:

  • Ask better questions and make better decisions:
    When you understand data it helps you ask the right question around decisions that are made inside a company and even drive solutions by providing better insight. It also helps you make better decisions and navigate the company better.
  • Communicate in terms of value and insight:
    Approaching stakeholders, managers, or a boss with a non-data-based idea can backfire quickly. When you know your way around data you can better communicate value and provide insights that boost your career as well as put you upfront in many decisions the team or company makes.
  • Analysis:
    Nobody understands data more than the people dealing with it. A lot of managers, bosses, and even CTOs are relying on good developer data analysis to help drive decisions and features. That’s why a data scientist can drive a lot of value to the company. As developers, being that “translator” can give you great benefits.
  • Independence:
    When you know how to work and handle data, you don't need someone to set up databases and API for you to do your work. As a UI developer of any kind, mobile, frontend, etc, learning about these things helps you move on and be independent, and to do your work better.
  • Become more technical:
    With so much driven by data, being able to get technical with the system engineering, data scientists, CTO, stakeholders, etc can go a long way. If you are not an engineer, learning data-related things help you understand the conversation, better manage and create things of value that will solve the problems needed to be solved.

Data is Everywhere

It was never more important to ramp up on knowledge and skills around data. We have experienced an increased demand for data scientists mostly driven by advancements in AI, Machine learning, and cyber-security. You probably heard “Big Data” being thrown around and probably thought it does not affect non-data engineers. And, you are wrong!

source datamini

You dont have to be a Data Engineer/Scientist

Is not just programming

Managers, marketers, salespeople, politics, entrepreneurs, CTO, CMO, all can benefit from data knowledge. Data helps make better decisions and identify problems to be solved — It helps new things to exist. Data is the universal language that can drive ideas and innovations, one that should be spoken fluently by all involved.

Data Technologies You Will Need

Data Storage

Programming Language

Data Analysis

Data Mining

Data Visualization

Data Skills Required

Data Structures & Algorithms

Data Modeling

Data Optimization

Data Storing and Querying


Machine & Deep Learning

Artificial Inteligence

Real-Time Data



What now?

Nonprogrammers like UX Designers, Managers, C-level folks, entrepreneurs, all should really learn the data lingo and get more involved with tools that let you visualize, analysis and make decisions in your day-to-day. The future of a lot of businesses really depends on how effectively they collect and handle data. The future of programming is around data no matter at which level or field you do it.

Let me know what you think, please share more insight and tools you know of in the comments, let's talk about this.

Thank you!

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Before Semicolon

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Everything connected with Tech & Code

Before Semicolon

Written by

Blog & YouTube Channel for Web, UI & Software Development - — — Writer: Elson Correia



Everything connected with Tech & Code

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