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Charitable Art Auction benefits emerging Blockchain inspired Artists & Community

Kevin Abosch “Stealing The Contents Of This Wallet Is A Crime”

“The sale of artworks by Codex Protocol and Rare Art Labs will surely be a highlight of this year’s event,” said Ethereal Co-Creator and ConsenSys Director Jesse Grushack. “It will showcase to the world that blockchain is more than just a buzzword. It’s a technology with the potential to make a tangible impact on the modern economy and society. We look forward to seeing the auction promote artists working in this important area and demonstrating real interest in arts and collectibles from the crypto community.”

  1. a decrease in major risks emerges with the increase of verifiable provenance; providing opportunities for transacting, insuring, fractional ownership, and asset-backed lending
  2. the emotional and cultural benefits provided by an alluring tangible asset are recognized
  3. the non-correlation to changes in value of core financial markets such as stocks, bonds, and cryptocurrencies are increasingly desired

“clients who are interested in having their eggs in 20 baskets as opposed to three” noting “clients allocate roughly 5 percent of their wealth to art, but some allocate 20 percent or more.” with the observation that “After 2008, investors got burned [by being under-diversified], so they are delving in with smaller amounts to start with.”

“Generally speaking, the lower or more negatively correlated certain asset classes are to each other, the more diversification benefit of having those asset classes in an investment portfolio.”



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