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CryptoPuzzles: Where art, cryptography, and cryptocurrency meet

Have you ever wanted to stare into artwork for hours, and be the proven first to decipher its meaning?

“Codex Puzzle #1 — CODEXOKRYPHODRON” by Zd3n. From left to right, original, hint1, hint2.

How did Rolf Ragon crack the code?

  1. Divina Proportione — referring to the golden ratio and hinting indirectly Fibonacci sequence (the golden ratio is the result from the division of two consecutive Fibonacci sequence values)
  2. Dextroversum — a hint that a clockwise direction should be used
  3. A summo incipeere — meaning “start from the top” — hinting that the decryption is starting from the top face (where the ceiling rope segment is attached to)
  4. Sigma modulo quinque — “Sigma modulo 5” — To calculate with remainder upon division by five

What CryptoPuzzles mean for artists

“I really love crypto puzzles because” … “they give us the ability to embed money to artwork (besides its artistic value) and secondly gives us a great way to monitor time spent on solving the puzzle: we know the exact time of puzzle release and according to blockchain, also the time when the funds were moved to the address of the winner.“ - Zd3n

CryptoPuzzles and CryptoArt

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