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Understanding Digital Art & Blockchain — the basics for digital artists

A look at the fundamentals behind blockchain technology’s impact on digital art and how it can work for digital artists

How does blockchain add value to digital art?

The thing that makes blockchain revolutionary for digital art is the ability to prove authenticity and scarcity for digital artworks. Before blockchain, a digital artwork could be copied identically, making it difficult to build a market around digital art. If one could very easily make an identical copy of a digital artwork, how was the artist expected to prove his or her work was the original and sell it as a unique piece?

What is an NFT?

Non-fungible tokens, or ERC-721s, are tokens that represent a unique asset and therefore are not interchangeable. In the case of Codex, every Codex Record is a unique NFT. Which means every artwork you create and register on a Codex Record is provably unique, creating a much more valuable digital asset.

Creating rare, digital art on Codex



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