Ask for help online

Slack channels and Github are your allies

How’s this for a programmer’s tip? Use online resources when you get stuck on a problem!

In my case, I happened to get stuck on the last stage of the learnyoureact tutorial from nodeschool. The final test won’t verify, because there is an unexpected data-reactroot attribute in one of the divs. A quick google search didn’t reveal much, and so, being strapped for time, I simply created an issue in my git repo. Then, I went on the very excellent nodeschool slack channel and asked if anyone could help me with the issue.

Typically, the people on this slack channel are pretty helpful, so I’ll report back in a day or two and you’ll probably see that somebody has come along and pointed out what I’ve done wrong.

Take a look at the issue. If you haven’t seen one of these before, they’re pretty common on Github and are usually created for troubleshooting.

Daniel Paul Grech Pereira is a computer programmer in Toronto, Canada.

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