Kali Linux System Setup

I used an Oracle Virtual Box to setup my system inside a mac.

Follow the guidelines in this link. Its pretty complete and easy to follow.

Couple of things to mention :

  • Even though its not mentioned, there is a minimum size required for hard-disk. Else it causes installation error. For me, it was around 12GB. Not sure about the reason. Will update if I get to know.
  • While installation, it will ask you to set the host, domain and password. Here you are changing the password of the root user. When when you login after installation, make sure you put user as ‘root’ and password as you set during installation.
  • If you have not put any password during installation, then its ‘toor’ by default. Use that to login.
  • After first time login, make sure you create a user and set its password, give it sudo privileges and specify the shell path. Here is a good guide for that.
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