Extended Immersive …

On June 18th the extended immersive began. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this course at the beginning. Would it be like SSP and I am going to have to figure this out? Will everyone be as nice and as helpful as they were in SSP? Would there be assessments in this course? I would soon find out.

By the first day I realized this course was going to be a mixture of SSP (and figuring things out on my own) and a normal course (with an instructor). There was more support for the students than I had anticipated. We had John our instructor, Cara who was there as non-instructional support, and there was also two HIRS (graduates from the previous graduating class at Hack Reactor) Brian and Justin.

A typical day in HREXT (extended immersive) would start with a morning kick off. This was typically John explaining the sprint (assignment) we were going to work on. He would let us know if there was something additional we should know about the sprint or if there was a specific resource(s) that would be helpful to us. Depending on if this was a solo exercise or pair programming he would also post a list of partners.

I defiantly enjoyed pair programing more than I thought I would when it was announced we would be working together on programing. I had some great times getting to know my partners and figuring out the sprint together. It was great to have someone to share in your excitement when we would get the code to work properly.

After lunch we would meet back up with John and he would check in to see how we were doing? Did we have any questions about the sprint? He would also go over things that a number of people were having difficulty with. Once we had discussed everything that needed to be addressed he would send us back to the assignment we were working on.

At 4:40pm pacific time we would meet back up with John to do the PM wrap up. Again John would talk to us about the sprint and anything else that was important at the time. One thing that we were told was specific to our group was the after hours meeting. At 5pm pacific time we would log into a meeting with our HIRS where we could ask questions.

Not all of the students would attend the after hours class but there were a number of us that did attend. HIRS were great at answering questions. As well as sharing multiple ways to look at and complete sprints. One of my favorite things the HIRS did was give us advice on how to handle certain situations, like getting un-stuck. Those of us who consistently attended the after hours were very thankful for those HIRS.

All in all I loved this class and I was grateful that I was accepted into this program. I learned so much about coding and being in an immersive type class from my classmates, the instructors (John andCara) as well as the HIRS (Brian and Justin) I truly believe that being in this extended course has set me up for success in the immersive.