Free Swift course for total beginners!

Learn to code with Swift and GoT!
Preview of “Coding Essentials in Swift”, Season 1

I’m a software engineer and trainer, and in the past I’ve worked for The Big Nerd Ranch and Udacity. Right now I’m working at

Some of my previous courses have been mentioned on Financial Times, Venture Beat and Information Week.

All of the courses I created where for experienced developers. However, I always wanted to make something for total beginners!

This is where “Coding Essentials in Swift” comes in! A free course that will teach all the foundations of coding using one of the hottest languages of the moment: Swift.

Coding Essentials in Swift” will be themed on Game of Thrones and will be released in seasons. ;-)

Season 1 of “Coding Essentials with Swift”

This season will teach you all the basic concepts of modern coding and software architecture.

We will start by reviewing how a real-world app is built, using Whatsapp as an example.

After learning the foundations of coding, you will “graduate” by creating a MUD game.


For this course, you won’t need a mac. Any computer will do, Linux, Windows or mac. You will write and test your code on a browser.

How to enroll

Just fill in this google form so we can notify when new leasons are available. Also, make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel: all leasons will be uploaded there.