The right tool for the right job

When building your online presence it is easy to get lost in the sea of social media platforms. They each have unique strengths but also overlapping functionalities.

Just because a particular social network has achieved enough popularity that does not mean that you need to be on it right away. Think about how specifically that network would help you reach your personal or profesional goal. Is it solving any concrete problems? Is it expanding your reach and by how much?

Consider your current workflow and the initial and ongoing effort of adding the extra steps. Are you replicating existing tasks? For instance posting and re-posting the same stories in several blogging sites can actually result counter-productive as it interferes with search-engine optimization.

Finally when separating the personal and business realms keep in mind that it isn’t always straight-forward so chose carefully according to your type of activity. Software developers do not necessarily need a Pinterest page but they most likely could use a nicely kept GitHub profile.

What is important is to understand what you are doing. I personally only use Medium professionally but I still like to link it to my personal Facebook account behind the scenes in order to tap into what’s effectively my de facto address book.