Why I code

I fell in love with programming early on, back when typing in BASIC code out of an old book at the local library was all the rage. Meanwhile the internet was preparing its final ascent to becoming ubiquitous. By the time I finished high school the web really had become world-wide and its underlying technologies all publicly accessible.

While absorbing the hard academic theory of computer science I somehow also found time to experiment with the truly exciting — like The Hypertext Transfer Protocol, The Hypertext Markup Language, Cascading Stylesheets and Javascript — all of which remain relevant today.

As these standards evolved to support amazing things such as wearable biometric apps, geotagging and augmented reality, so did my skillset. And concepts like data immutability, statelessness and memoization suddenly became essential for bringing advanced mobile applications to life.

Software development is an art form that requires passion, expertise and creativity in order to determine the correct problems and find the right solutions. I’m enthusiastic about all stages of this process from project planning, all the way up to experiencing the product. And I particularly enjoy the coding bit which is what started me into this crazy journey.

My publication Coding Outside the Box showcases my ideas around the use of available tools to address specific technical challenges. I make a point of providing concise explanations and concrete examples in the form of code snippets. There is always room for expanding the knowledge and I am personally always open to discussion so don’t be shy to drop me a line!