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Andrea Bizzotto
Jan 11 · 2 min read

This video series is an introduction to Dart, and it will feature 35 lessons and over 90 minutes of content.

If you’re new to Flutter and Dart, this is a great place to start.

Or if you’ve been writing Flutter code for some time, but you want to get a better understanding of Dart, I’ve got you covered.

Part one

Part one of this series includes an introduction to Dart and an overview of variables, types, and type inference.


  • The Dart Language
  • Introduction to Dartpad
  • A simple program
  • Variable declaration and initialization
  • String interpolation
  • Type inference with var
  • var and final
  • The dynamic keyword

Part two

In part two I give an overview about functions in Dart.


  • arguments and return types
  • positional and named parameters
  • the arrow operator (=>)

Part three

This covers classes and object oriented programming in Dart.


  • Introduction to classes, including constructors and instance methods
  • Inheritance, the base Object class, and method overrides
  • Abstract classes
  • Computed properties

Part four

This covers collections and generics in Dart.


  • Introduction to lists and maps
  • Generics and type annotations

Part five

This covers control flow, closures and enumerations.


  • If and else statements
  • The ternary operator
  • For and while loops
  • Closures and the fold method
  • Enumerations and switch statements

Happy coding!

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