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Coding Rights

Image: By Clarote (Coding Rights)

On the blocking of pro-choice websites: Women on Waves and Women on Web


Source: Center for Reproductive Rights, The World’s Abortion Laws
Image: Women on Waves, Abortion Ship Campaigns
Image: Women on Waves, Abortion Drones

Blocking of Women on Waves and Women on Web

Source: OONI measurements from 2019,
Source: OONI measurements


Public intervention in reference to the dystopic novel “The Handmaid’s Tale” in front of the Supreme Court during a hearing to decriminalize abortion in Brazil. Image by Heloisa Adegas.
Source: OONI measurements: Brazil 2019
Source: OONI measurements: Brazil 2018–2019


Source: OONI measurements: Iran

Saudi Arabia

Source: OONI measurements: Saudi Arabia

South Korea

Source: OONI measurements: South Korea


Source: OONI measurements: Turkey

Censored on social media platforms





Coding Rights é uma organização que traz um olhar feminista interseccional para defender os direitos humanos no desenvolvimento, regulação e uso das tecnologias.

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Coding Rights

Coding Rights

Tecnologia e Direitos Humanos

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