Repetition and Multiplication

Multiplication could be hard to understand for kids. Most examples are abstract by themselves, for example: if you drank 3 cup of water, 2 times, how much water have you drunk. Is unclear the answer is universal and independent of the asker and the answerer.

One of the contributions of GoBot lies in the fact that the motion of robots and the mathematics are connected with the symbolic blocks. It is obviously that the motion of robot is independent of the people who controlled it and only dependent on the arrangement of the programming blocks. Through repeating uses of GoBot, the kids develop the concepts of universal logic without any teachers involved. It truly a Piaget and Montessori style of learning.

(1X1) Yellow block would repeat the blocks on the bottom slots.
( 1 X 1 =1 ) You don’t need use repeat blocks if you only need to repeat once
( 1 X 0 = 0 ) Repeating nothing would make nothing

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