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Web Development VS CMS, Should You Learn Web Development In 2020?

What choice will you go with? Learn how to build a website from scratch or just use CMS platforms like WordPress, Wix … ? What is best in 2020?

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Probably you heard this question: Why bother learning web development and not using WordPress or Wix, won’t be that easy for me? The short answer is no, the long answer is yes!

For Business Owners:

If you have a business and you want to take it online for more exposure or to reach new clients I have to say that web development is necessary, yes you can use CMS platforms but you can’t scale it without adding extra charges but this is not the worst part, the worst part is you will always be a prison to your ignorance let’s assume that you want to add a feature to your website and there is no such tool that can provide this feature for you, since you don’t know how to code you won’t be able to provide such thing.

Another scenario: you are using some kind of tool and this tool has some bug in its code that can potentially be used by a hacker to get sensitive data like credit cards numbers, you actually can not do anything, the only thing to do is to delete the plugin but this plugin is so important so what to do? Maybe shutdown the website and try to find an alternative. Actually I don’t see any reason why some business owners tie themselves to use CMS to deploy their websites worrying about all the code they have to create and not thinking about the future of a business.

You as business owner you have to know where to step, if you don’t want to learn web development at least hire someone that can do this work for you a freelancer maybe, investing $100, $200, 1k is nothing if you believe your business will succeed. If you choose to go this way you can actually have full control over the website.

Another point is that you can scale your business to any level you want, change the database provider, you can change the host, what I want to say here you don’t have to be tied to one platform you have the freedom to run your website the way you want.

For Personal Projects:

To those who fall in these categories I can say that CMS platforms could do the trick, for example bloggers: a blogger job is they have to blog about a certain niche and provide it to the readers and if they encounter a technical problem it is not that bug of a deal actually WordPress is famous for being it the first choice for bloggers.

Maybe you want to create a showcase for your products or something like that yes CMS could do the job since you're creating a static website(no database of any sort included) where you and only you can change the content of any page across all your website.


I am a full stack web developer, and I am not a fan of CMS, I’ve tried them and I can clearly say that I don’t like them, maybe this is my nature I like building my own things this way I can have more control over what is happening and I can respond to any urgent situation fast, I can create what ever I want without worrying about whether it is available on a certain platform or not. I can scale my website how I want without any limitations. Web development will have its own place and actually today web development is not a hard thing to learn everyone is doing it thanks to the awesome technologies that are available today.

This was my own opinion you may find CMS better or you agree that web development is essential everyone has an opinion. But there are certain points where using CMS is a bad idea, I know some of you can’t write or hate writing codes this remains your choice.

If you have any question leave it as a comment or contact me at and I will be happy to help you.




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