Top 10 Confessions of a Designer.

Here are my top 10 confessions as a designer

1. I keep apps on my phone which I don’t use for months just because they have a nice UI, fonts or colors.

2. I die a little inside when a client asks me to change the fonts after the project is over or we are halfway through the design.

3. I get nightmares where I am trying to fit 10 columns of a table on a mobile screen with a 320x480 resolution. And I have to avoid a horizontal scroll.

4. I get a sudden attack of depression when a developer comes and tells, “this isn’t a good UX”. And I realise.. he is right!

5. I regret asking for feedbacks when a client says, “This is awesome! But since you asked for my feedback, what about we sprinkle a little bit of poop all over your master piece, which, I know, will change a lot of user flows and will make the project miss the deadline, but hey! You said you liked challenges, right?”

6. I feel helpless when my girlfriend, who is an electrical engineer, asks me about the work I do and I tell her that I design UX and UI and she says, “But you’re a computer engineer, you should write code.”

7. I give myself a huge face-palm when, out of excitement, I accept a small icon color change request from a client on a Friday evening and end up spending my entire weekend changing icon colors on 256 other screens.

8. I get a sudden anxiety attack when a client says, “This is great. Just one last thing, can you…”

9. I get a sudden outburst of anger when someone comes and touches my screen.

10. I start calculating my chances of committing a murder and flying to cambodia when I have to edit a PSD which some other designer had created with all the photoshop groups opened, layers not labeled properly and he has used raster icons in all of his psds. Of a mobile app design.

Yes. I admit.
What are yours? You have my shoulders to cry on, my little brother!

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