Platform Developer 2 Multiple Choice

Cody Maines
Feb 19, 2018 · 2 min read

Today I passed the multiple choice portion of the Salesforce Platform Developer II Certification! This is especially exciting because I already completed the Superbadge prerequisites.

All that’s left is to link my accounts. I’m told there will be a followup email for linking webassessor with Trailhead. 🎉

A Challenging Exam

This was a difficult exam compared to Platform Developer I. I learned about many new limitations, edge cases, unique behaviors, and unexpected capabilities of Salesforce.

I won’t bore you with the details, but I know there will be quite a few readers out there looking for tips on the exam. So here is my biggest tip, and what I learned from it.

Don’t be Afraid to Fail

I failed the first time I took the test. I had difficulties finding suggested material to study (besides the official exam outline). So I decided to take the test early (knowing I’d fail) to do recon on the types of question and domains of expertise expected.

Armed with that knowledge, I sat down and crammed. I read all the documentation around the features for the questions that stumped me.

What I Needed to Review


It’s a good idea to study these things if you intend to take the test — but this list is not exhaustive. It doesn’t include topics I was already fluent in. Also, on my re-take, only 20% of the questions were repeated from the first test.

Salesforce is a huge application, so take your time and keep that thirst for learning. This certification is a marathon, not a sprint. Good luck!

Cody Maines

Written by

Salesforce Developer, UX Advocate, and general tech enthusiast.


Salesforce Developer, UX Advocate, and general tech enthusiast.

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