Platform Developer 2 Superbadges

Today I finished the final Superbadge prerequisite (Advanced Apex Specialist)! In total, there are 4 Superbadges required to certify as a Salesforce Platform Dev II.

This graphic is a little deceiving, because it’s missing the pre-prerequisites. That’s right! Each Superbadge first requires the 3–4 regular badges to unlock ;).

Holding the Platform Dev I certification is also an implied prerequisite. I completed Platform App Builder and Platform Dev I certifications at the end of 2017.

I’ve spent over 100h in extracurricular time completing the exams, courses, and challenges. Many of the subjects were interesting. The newer trails in particular have entertaining topics.

At other times, the automated evaluation stumped me. I mulled through workflows, lightning attribute names, and permission haystacks. I questioned if I was even in the right field, or if I should go back to CS-101!

I found solace in the developer forums. Akin to the real world, googling for obscure errors is an essential skill. One new goal for myself is to reciprocate more in the forums. They are true lifesavers.

But in the end I persevered. All that remains is a multiple-choice exam. 🤞