Two things I couldn’t do in my Sinatra App

Learning SQL and Sinatra was fun. I actually enjoyed it! As a part of the curriculum, I had to make project now. Building my Sinatra App with MVC model. It was actually very interesting project.

I decided to make my application on coding tips because that is one of the things I normally look for. So, I thought it would be nice to have a centralized page for that.

The project went smooth and didn’t have many issues. I used bootstrap for layout which ate up 2–3 hours. But finally, did it.

When you learn anything and put that experience to make something by yourself, It is completely different experience. That experience gave me a hint that I am on a right track. I am now more confident than before to learn more and more and make some interesting apps.

In this blog, I would like to discuss with you two things that I couldn’t do in this project.

[acts-as-votable -]( acts-as-votable is a ruby gem which works with rail. I wanted all of the tips to have upvote and downvote button. So, my Google search and Stack Overflow search land me to this gem. Though this gem is for rails, I tried to use it in my app, with many tips and tricks that I could think of (such as creating model and migration files for it), looking at source code again and again and try to find a solution. But after couples of hours, I just gave up when I realized that it is not possible. But that gives me a new aim to create a ruby gem kind of like acts-as-votable but for Sintra. I will surely work on it in future.

[Heroku — ]( If you have an application with uses Postgres database. You can deploy it to Heroku. Means, anyone can access your application without manually cloning your application in the terminal. But I have used SQLite database. There are few tips and tricks available on net which I tried to deploy my Heroku application even after using SQLite. But couldn’t successfully do it. I still know I need to try and try to find a solution and this is possible. But I guess, after trying this thing for almost 14–16 hours, I need a break. I will surely work on it in future.

If you would like to see my Github repo for this project, please click [here](

If you would like to see the video of this project, please click [here](

I welcome all of the suggestion you may have on this blog post or my two errors.

Happy Coding!