Meet Our Gold Cup Growers

Back, from left: José Arauz of Nicaragua, Carlos Arturo López Guarnizo of Colombia, Juan Ángel Milla of Honduras, Margarita Cone of Guatemala, Andrés Salaverría of El Salvador, M.P. Devaiah (representing Mohamed Suhaib) of India. Front, from left: Juliana Tytko Armelin of Brazil, Mauricio Barrantes of Costa Rica, and 2016 Ernesto Illy International Coffee Award winner Ahmed Legesse of Ethiopia.

To be an illy coffee grower means joining the family that pioneered direct trade. The result? Higher quality beans for you and a better livelihood for our growers. To honor their high standards, we invited twenty-seven growers from nine countries to participate in the first Ernesto Illy International Coffee Award ceremony at the United Nations.

Representing the winning coffee from each country, nine growers received our prestigious illy Gold Cup, and one grower from Ethiopia won the best of the best. Each of these winning coffee countries contributes its very best to create the balance and complexity of our legendary blend. Our aim, as always, is to bring you better coffee while crafting a better world.

Discover the 9 Limited Edition coffee cans celebrating the 2016 Ernesto Illy International Coffee Award: