Abandoned Part 11

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“I thought they already knew who did it? You said his name was, Billy?” Juliet said.

“He denies it,” Lily said.

“How can he do that? After what you told me he said,” Juliet mumbled.

“He does not deny you had sex, that it was rape,” Delilah said.

Juliet couldn’t take any more, she leaned over the bed and threw up. Her head still hurt, she wanted a pain pill but realized then if she should even take them with the babies. Delilah was first by her side.

“Are you ok, sweetie?” she asked.

“No,” Juliet said holding her head.

“I’ll get a nurse,” Lily said leaving the room.

Delilah helped Juliet lean back in bed. The room was spinning. Juliet closed her eyes, trying to make it stop. A few moments later, Lily returned with a nurse.

“Hello, Miss Clark,” The nurse said.

“Hi,” Juliet managed.

“What’s going on?” she asked.

“I get migraines with vomiting, I threw up on the floor, my head is pounding, can you give me something?” Juliet asked.

“I’ll check with the doctor, and I’ll send someone to clean that up,” She said leaving.

A few moments later someone was cleaning Juliet’s mess, and the nurse was back with some medicine.

“This is Zofran for the nausea, and this is Lortab for the pain,” She said.

“Are they safe to take with the babies?” Juliet asked.

“Yes, they won’t hurt the babies,” She said.

Juliet took the pills with some water and was soon alone with her friends again.

“Where is this doctor?” Juliet asked.

“We’ll go see,” Lily said.

Soon Juliet was alone, but then she’d been alone since she’d gotten Jack’s text. Then she thought of something, and her hand wandered to her abdomen. She rubbed her stomach and whispered, “Everything will be ok.” A few moments later Lily and Delilah entered with a doctor.

“Hello, Miss Clark, I’m Dr. Taylor.”

Photo by Molly Belle on Unsplash