Autumn Enchantment

A woman rests under autumn’s enchantment. Photo by Pixabay courtesy of

Under a hot, humid sky
 I fell asleep on your sandy beaches.
 My feet wet
 from your warm tumbling tides.

The sun blisteringly hot
 turns my pale skin a torturous lobster red
 and the breeze,
 a fragrant blend of salt and crustaceans.

I slept a bit
 or so I thought, cradled in the summer’s warmth,
 only to wake
 under the sapphire blue, autumn sky.

Now there’s a chill
 blowing in the whimsical wind
 that smells of dew
 and the rotting corpses of nature’s canvas.

Molting trees
 shed their aging leaves, now brick red, old gold, and rusty brown.
 The leaves dance sensually
 as they gently waft to their graves on the ground.

We sip hot drinks
 of pumpkin spice or chocolate topped with fluffy cream
 Autumn, unlike summer,
 is a dream in flannel and fleece.

I pick apples 
 thinking of all the delectable treats they make
 and head home
 to hearth and stove to start my kitchen witching.

In my kitchen
 I make pies, brews, and stews by the score.
 Summer is fun,
 but autumn’s nesting has begun.

Soon winter comes
 to cocoon us in its icy fantasy.
 Cruelly beautiful,
 frigidly stunning there will be no more sunning.

Autumn come 
 and linger longer with your enchanting thrills.
 Let’s light a bonfire
 in celebration of a magickal life ere winter’s burial.