Envy Us

I talk to you as if you’re right beside me.
We have spent countless hours, just talking.
You have claimed ownership of my heart and soul without a warning.
I can’t wait to open my eyes and see you here, right beside me.
I used to envy all of whom had their “us.”
Now, I just envy their ability to simply share the same space

Making memories where there are no time lapses involved.
Where the only thing that exists would be us.
You and I against a world that believes our survival 
has better odds if we are seen as roommates rather than 
a man and woman in love.
It’s about time we say goodbye to the distance and nay-sayers.
Exchange the goodbyes for goodnights, and the hellos to good mornings.

And let’s let the world envy us for a change.

Skye Studios, Unsplash.com