Her Rage


Her rage burns with fury, white hot to the core

As she sits and watches the “man” next to her always get more

Her rage has no color and the depth is unmatched

Every time she speaks up, her ideas get her trapped

Lost in a world so directed, full of easy successes all around her

Day in and day out her struggle to persevere doesn’t seem to canter

Except, the rage that is deep in her soul

She just swims around like a fish in a bowl

Looking out at the world rushing by

Wondering why it’s passed her again, wanting to break down and cry

Crying is the woman’s way

So she chokes it down searching for something to say

Her words are there, but there stuck behind her anger

No outlet for her to just let go, she’d be considered a danger

So she gets more and more mad, wondering what to do

How does she fix this problem, how can she help you?

How can she make them see her for what she’s worth?

How can she show “them” the power that lurks?

Does she expel her anger or keep it hidden?

What to do next, what else is forbidden?

The rage burns through her soul killing her piece by piece

Don’t be too strong, please know your place

Balling her fist and punching the heavens

Taking it to the streets but that’s too gangsta

There’s no place for her rage in her or the world,

so she just hides it away to pass it to her little girl.


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