Let’s Take A Walk!

Can we just take a moment to admit that becoming ill in the summer might just be the absolute worst thing ever — well, pretty much. I mean, who wants to consume spoonfuls of steaming soup and curl up in a burrito of blankets when its basically an oven outside? Therefore, when I developed bronchitis about a week ago in good ol’ Phoenix, Arizona, I was not the least bit happy.

As a long distance runner in the midst of training, I quickly realized I could not jog two feet without yacking up my entire lungs. Furthermore, even though exercising while sick supposedly makes one “feel better”, it actually takes away energy that should be used to support our immune system, thus prolonging the healing period. Where am I go with this? Well, long story told short, I was angry with the universe for making it impossible to work out.

I had morphed into a ball of stress.

When I became tired of my coughs echoing against my bedroom walls, I came to the conclusion that what I truly needed was some fresh air. Yes, maybe it would be a very poor decision to attempt to sprint a marathon, but a nice stroll outside was all I could think to do.

The sole idea of walking somewhat bores me, especially since I am an adrenaline junkie. However, after taking walks for the previous four days, I had felt peculiar. A good kind of peculiar. Whether it is a fifteen minute walk around one’s neighborhood or a two and a half hour walk on a nearby trail, the mind gets the opportunity to cleanse itself. It cleanses itself of any deep thoughts, disregards, curiosities, and song lyrics that plague the brain on repeat. Throughout my walks, I never really thought; I did not sacrifice time and energy. It was effortless ; I did not feel a thing. All I know is that afterward, I felt a weight lift off of my shoulders. No, I was not simply noticing the fact that I have less water in my Camelback.

We humans with our busy lives do not appreciate or utilize our two legs enough. If we were lucky enough to be born with the capacity to randomly get up and head in any direction, why not take advantage of that? It is rewarding to your body to give it a breath of fresh air. The best part is there are no rules or regulations, no time or location requirement, no designated start or finish. The power rests in your hands… or should I say feet?

All in all, we need to take walks more, and even if why or how it exactly works is not completely clear, that’s okay.

It is about the sensation of content and of empowerment.

It is about thinking about everything by thinking about nothing.

It is about finishing this sentence and then deciding to go put on your sneakers.

Photo Credit: Riley Irwin

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