Ordinary girl

by 17- year old Tylia Flores

As I looked into the Mirror 
once more 
I thought: is this really what reflects me?

Why don’t people see me?

I’m not weird 
or stupid 
just because I have a wheelchair that helps me around

Why don’t people see?

I’m just an ordinary girl 
I go to school 
I text my friends 
I play multiple sports 
I have my problems, 
but I’m still trying to make it in life

Why don’t people see that 
I’m just an average human being 
trying to make it to tomorrow 
going to doctors appointments 
dealing with life

Why don’t people see 
the true me 
the girl with a sweet personality 
kind to others, caring

why can’t people just forget 
about the two wheels 
and the chair that’s built around me 
and just see me 
as my insecurities eat me alive

Why can’t people see me?

An ordinary teen girl 
I’m just an ordinary girl 
behind two wheels and a chair

I wish people could just understand 
I’m just Tylia 
an ordinary girl

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